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March 31, 2006

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March at Sanctuary ends with an indecisive morning – some clouds, a bit of wind, and lightness along the southern horizon. This day is the 106th day of MDS and we are hopeful in a new way. Hope, to me, has several levels; on the one hand, there is the overarching emotion that speaks of God and ultimate verities. On the other is the hope that has little fizzles of excitement around the edges where the natural impulse to quash (lest the disappointment is too great) doesn’t quite reach. When I went in for the blood draw the day after the completion of the third round of chemotherapy, the white blood cell count had gone up, and the red blood cell count was also higher; it seems significant to us because right after chemo, the cells are stressed out from the therapy. This might indicate some improvement! When I went into the third round of treatment, my white blood cells had gone to .985, hitting a new low. Thursday’s reading was 1.2, an appalling number as the count was on its way down, but now, as we see it again, one which holds promise. (Normal begins at 4.0)

The circumstances of my life are the same since the level of vulnerability to infection has not changed, but now there is the hope that a turn-around might be beginning. We had already had the conversation about not being able to take the trip to Russia in late June, and we have to make final decisions on that venue very soon. We’ll “do the numbers” after next week’s reading and see if there are portents for the future.

The cooking lessons go on, and Charles has mastered chicken and steak on the grill, steamed vegetables served with lemon and butter, and the top half of home made pizza. Breads are to be tackled next. Charles has a natural inclination to clean up after using each utensil while I have difficulty with this obvious virtue. To me the meal must be served hot at all costs and the kitchen counters can be completely covered with the tools of construction when I serve. While eating at just the right time is grand, getting up post meal and entering a kitchen that has already been cleaned is pretty swell also, so we shall strive toward a middle ground. We have been having merry times dealing together with these matters and the cook book continues to expand.



Comment by Heidi

March 31, 2006 @ 1:41 pm

Go little blood cells Go!

Its a powerful day here – and since I am only 25 miles from your house it must be a powerful day there too – but the rain yesterday woke the green in little trees and bushes all over the city – they hear the call of spring!

Little blood cells! Hear the call and grow man grow!

Love Heidi


Comment by Neighbor

March 31, 2006 @ 3:42 pm

GO white cells!


Comment by Mindy Werling

March 31, 2006 @ 4:29 pm

I am cheering those little guys on, too!!!!



Comment by Lynn Wake

April 1, 2006 @ 9:40 am

YES! Connie, I hope you sense that so many people are indeed reading your words here and cheering you on, cheering on those little white blood cells in particular. The life you and Charles lead together has been so richly shared with so many of us for so long, so celebratory of life in so many ways– hymns and orchids, soup and laughter, good talks about all there is in life to savour and to think about — and here you are, keeping that grand tradition not only alive and well, but ever transformed and transforming. Bravo, Connie! You are a marvelous writer, and as ever, generous with good things.
On this April First, an ancient new year’s day, I’m sending every good wish for all good new things, especially for many beautiful and strong little white blood cells!
Lynn Wake

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