Constance Ore is a retired Teacher, Choir Director, and Organist. And a formidable cook.


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This website contains the writings of Constance L. Ore from 2006 until her passing in September 2010. She wrote of her experiences with MDS ( “myelodysplastic syndrome” – “my-low-dis-plas-tic sin-drom”) and Leukemia, and mused on the Meaning of Life and her Christianity as she was confronted with her imminent journey to somewhere beyond this mortality.

Prior to her diagnosis she served 20+ years as church choir director, Organist, Mother, Cook, and Junior High Music teacher. She was born in rural Iowa and lived most of her life in Seward, Nebraska.

Her dog, Alphie, continues to be a beloved companion although he might note that there is somewhat less petting and brushing of late.

You might want to start from the beginning of “her new life…