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July 30, 2008

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We left Estes Park on Monday morning after having the best of times with the children and granddaughters. A personal moment of triumph was taking the walk from the Trail Ridge Road Visitor’s Center to the very top of that mountain. There was applause from the rest of the clan when I finally arrived, and the view, both externally and inwardly, was grand.

In cool rain showers, Charles and I drove down the center of Colorado, and as we traversed the valley toward Salida, the clouds caught behind the peaks to the west of us, and dramatic thunderclouds moved up and over with occasional lightening flashes and distant thunder rumblings. The mountains were dark and grey and mystical, looking very much like movie sets of fantasy fiction. Salida itself was a pleasant surprise with white water rafters moving in and out of the Arkansas River, and lots of young people in shops and galleries in a refurbished downtown.

Yesterday we continued our drive to Santa Fe, arriving in the afternoon with time for dinner and a nap before going to the Opera which didn’t begin until 8:30 PM. The presentation of “Falstaff” was very good. We are staying in a hotel on the Plaza with a view of the Cathedral out our window. Santa Fe is saturated with artists and fine art galleries without number; the desert air gives a clarity to everything, and the sky is the intense blue often shown in paintings of the southwest. It is easy to understand the attraction to artists of every description.

My health is holding reasonably well. There have been a number of days when I have needed to send others on and out while I sit quietly somewhere, selecting various medications from my pharmacopeia of drugs (it seems that my brain immediately brings forth the Beatles’ singing “I get by with a little help from my friends. . . “) As we have moved about, we haven’t noticed great coughing and sneezing anywhere, and I avoid closely packed groupings, however, the feeling of “living on the edge” continues, particularly when I have to take an elevator and others come into that space for the ride. A great germ laden sneeze in there and I think I would be done in. For now, the adventure continues, and we are ever thankful.


Comment by Caroline

July 31, 2008 @ 9:08 am

I would have applauded as well! The others made that walk when we were there, I said it is too far I will wait here. So good for you. It is wonderful your trip went so well, regardless of the accommodations one must make.
Kudos to John-paul for the additions he makes to your blog. Pictures are wonderful and now the Beatles. :)
We thought of you often on that tripto areas so familiar to us as well, sending good thoughts and prayers.

Comment by Jerry Pfabe

July 31, 2008 @ 3:19 pm


I’m gladly you’re feeling at least reasonably well and are having a great trip. Santa Fe is a genuinely wonderful place, with its historical richness of Native American and Spanish influences, and the wonderful artistic and musical tradition which have shaped the city. It’s hard to beat its Mexican cuisine also. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Peace and joy


Comment by Mindy Werling

July 31, 2008 @ 8:52 pm

Hello, Connie!

My day was much better when I found your latest entry! I’m so glad you are enjoying your trip and feeling reasonably well. That is super, given the higher altitude that you’ve been at! We are planning for this weekend’s get-together in Ft. Scott. There will be 38 of us, including 3 children and an infant (Matt’s little Dominic who was born with a single lung and heart on the wrong side). Bill and Barbara, Martha and Richard, and Susan will be there, along with Bonnie and her family from California, and Stuart (4th cousin) and Paula Werling from Tipton, Iowa. I sure wish you could be there! I will email you later on to tell you about everything. Of course, nothing ever goes quite as planned. We will be staying at the historic Courtland Hotel downtown. Wouldn’t you know it — the city has torn up the streets and sidewalks around the hotel to put in new gas lines. It looks ghastly (!), but once inside the hotel, all is well. I am sure there will be many jokes flying around about the situation . . . . Also, today’s paper said that we can expect temps in the upper 90’s, heat index around 105. So, we might as well stay inside anyway!

My family has grown. I now have my mom’s cat, Barney, who has a little biting problem that we are working on. And I couldn’t resist a darling black-and-white kitten I’m calling Fonzie. This place really hops now. The kitten is amazing. He got himself closed in the bathroom while I was at work, and he amused himself by unrolling the toilet paper, and then . . . rolling it back up! That’s what it looked like anyway. Pretty good trick! Good boy Darby is gamely putting up with it all.

God bless you with continued good days. You are in my thoughts and prayers!


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