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November 17, 2009

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In a visit with the oncologist, he remarked upon the possibilities contained in the cells of the body – every one of them has all that is required to form a fingernail, or a tooth, or a tongue, or a retina of the eye, but each contains triggers that tell it which function it will perform. The present research in epigenetics as it relates to my illness, for example, is trying to figure out how to influence the triggers in a way to stop the development of the protein that wraps around the white cells and does not permit them to become functional. There is much progress, and there is a long way to go. It is very interesting to consider my thumbnail and reflect that with a different set of instructions, it could have been my ear lobe, or perhaps a bit of kidney. I have not yet begun to visit with various body parts and enquire of them whether they would rather be something more dramatic or visually interesting, and I hope for Charles’ sake that I do not. He would likely not speak of it anyway.

On January 20, 2010 I will reach the 4th anniversary of hearing the diagnosis of the bone marrow cancer, and when I look back at what we thought then, four years of further life were far beyond all expectations. Even one more year seemed just a possibility. Today I look at the sunlight outlining orchid blooms inside the Great Room, and out across a Sanctuary of land and creatures that I love so dearly. I hear Alphie beginning to stir as he responds to some signal from the slant of the winter sun that tells him that soon we must take our afternoon walk, and I arrive at that overused term, “Awesome”. My body does struggle – I join the great congregation of people who live their days in “chronic pain”, and that means that most of the time, unless one very carefully moves not an eyelash or muscle, there is pain or discomfort in a portion of the body. In mine, it is usually centered in those places where bone marrow is trying to do its work – the hip bones or the shoulders, etc. I have a well-thought-out regimen of medications that wraps a veil around the pain without blocking out the joy of living life itself. Some days are more successful than others, but that is true for everyone.

In Psalm 139, v.14, the psalmist’s words written so long ago still define in the best way the original construction plan for all of humanity. “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works; that I know very well”. And so we are, all of us. . . fearfully and wonderfully made, with every cell endowed with fearful and wonderful capacities. Thanks be to God.


Comment by Rhoda Houge

November 18, 2009 @ 10:01 pm

I remember studying kidneys back in high school biology and being amazed at how God could create such an organ. And the same with each part of us and everyone and the universe. What a God! Today I am thankful for the creation of you, Connie, and the way you share your life. You make me more aware of things around me. I’m even trying to give more attention to our guard dog, Pippin. He stays outside and barks like crazy at everything, which is his job, but he loves people and attention, so I am trying to give him more of the latter. He never comes inside unless we leave the door open and there are a lot of people. I think he thinks we won’t notice, but with one word, he goes back out. He has even tried to get on tour buses with groups that are here. Right now it’s rainy and hard to pet a wet dog, but I’ll try!

Comment by Becky Pfabe

November 18, 2009 @ 10:01 pm

Connie, I love all the color on your note today! I also remember watering those orchids (well, maybe not those exact ones) for you when you were out of town long ago. What a time intensive plant, but what beauty! And at this Thanksgiving time, I am thankful for every day God has given you! Love, Becky

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