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March 2, 2010

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As I began this, I said to Charles, “I wish I felt better today. . . it would make writing this easier”. There followed a discussion between us – was I experiencing a sag, perhaps? More than a dip, surely, and less than a slump? I think I am in a sag en route to a slump. Even though we now have splendid sunlight and many cardinals singing loudly all over Sanctuary, today was not good for me with the pain increasing and a general fog of “unwell” invading my digestive system. The lack of appetite makes meal preparation a trial. For the most part, this has been my continuing contribution to our household, and I love to cook, while Charles loves to eat. It has been a fine set-up which I hope to continue, however, since much of meal preparation is crafting foods which one personally loves to eat, when that desire is gone, those same items which sang out possibilities for dinners and suppers now just lie there looking drab and dull.

In the last weeks of winter Olympics, we enjoyed watching the beautiful people flinging their incredibly well trained bodies down mountains, across ice rinks and up, up and over astonishing heights of snow. I think it would be very difficult to see four years or more of endless training end in a tumble or a mistake brought about by a millisecond of inattention. One then must claim personal growth and other less tangible rewards than medals and glory. Now, the games are over, and there is likely a giant sag/slump flowing down from Vancouver where there most certainly must be multiple trips off the mountaintops to the plains of “life as usual”. Hopefully, we will all commence to recover, spring will come soon, and life will deliver daffodils and delight once again.

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